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Department of Accounting (DACC)

The Accounting department was established in 2015 as part of the college of Administration and Political Sciences at University of Charmo. This department gives a B.Sc. degree with (4) years study. 


It is the object of the Accounting department to provide best education to their students, in order to make the graduates be able to actively participate in the fields of management and accounting both in public and private sectors. In addition, the department intends to enhance the student's skills and learning capacities in a way which they can fulfill the market and society's need. The main three aims of the department are: 

  1. Producing qualified graduates in the field of Accounting with bachelor degree. 
  2. Producing competent candidates with high level of knowledge about Accounting to both public and private sectors. 
  3. Developing a group of accountants with very good background in the field of Accounting. 
The core aim of this department is to produce professional candidates in the area of Accounting, by developing their capacities in this specialty. It is also aimed to improve the talent and cleverness of the students through knowledge and science.

DGAD Office

  Hazhar Abdulqadir Salih
Post:  Head of DACC
Qualification:  M.Sc.
Academic Title:  Lecturer
Specialty:  Finance/Public Finance
Mobile number:  (+964) - 770-198-7952
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Phone No.: (+964)