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Department of General Administration (DGAD)

The Department of General Administration (DGAD) was established in 2015 as part of the college of Administration and Political Science at Charmo University. This department give a B.Sc. degree in Administration with (4) years teaching.

The DGAD aims to produce and develop qualified and talented candidates in the field of Management. The department also enhances managerial and administrative capacities of the students, in order to make them to take active role in public and private sectors. The main aims of the department are:
  1. Developing qualified candidates in the field of management which held important knowledge in the field of administration.
  2. Producing knowledgeable graduates by providing them contemporary programs in the field of administration. 
  3. Demands of the market and fulfilling it has taken into consideration by the department.
  4. Participating in enlightening society to the fields of administration and human resources.

The core aim of this department is producing professional candidates in the area of Adminstration, and developing their capabilities in the field. Additionally, it is aimed to develop the student's capacities in way that they can understand real world of business. The department tries to produce qualified graduates in the field of Administration which they can accomplish market's need.

DGAD Office

Name: Hunar Ameen Hasan
Post: Head of the Department
Academic Title: BSc. MB, PhD
Scientific Title: Lecturer
Specialty: Public Law
Phone number: (+964) - 770 158 6465
Academic Profile link:
Number of Publication with IF (ISI):  5

Post: Coordinator of the Department
Academic Title:
Scientific Title:
Phone number:
Academic Profile link:
Number of Publication with IF (ISI): 

Phone No.: (+964) - 770 158 6465