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Department of Computer (DCMP)

The Department of the computer science is belonging to the college of Basic Education (CBE). This department has been opened since 2015, and start receiving students from 2015-2016 academic year.
This field of study is devoted to new generation of education to fulfill those subjects that have related to the computer science and information technology in the educational media. The program of this department is focusing on generating competent people to fulfill the necessity of our community to this field of study inside and outside governmental organizations (US or UK English?). In our department, students are trained with the advance methods of designing computer programs and cognitive abilities, such as, language programming or web design.
Our plan, with the support of local and international experts, is to produce competent people in the computer science and modern technology, and providing modern Labs with possible study environment. Moreover, it is providing more job opportunities for our graduate students. Currently, our computer science department is focusing on seminar presentation and academic debates for developing this field in all organizations and particularly in educational environment.

The vision and the missions of opening computer department
  • The main aim of this department is producing high quality academic experts and competent in the field of computer science 
  • Progress in teaching quality, particularly of computer science and information technology, in the primary and secondary schools 
  • Producing new experts in computer science and information technology to supported society 
  • Producing educated experts in the field of computer science to our society 

Other Aim of our department:
  • Introducing the new generation to the modern technology. 
  • Changing traditional managerial system to modern system management through computerizing systems. 
  • Preparing experts and experienced people in the field of new technology.

DCMP Office

  Azad Abdullah Ameen
Post:  Head of Department of Computer
Qualification:  M.Sc.
Academic Title:  Assistant Lecturer
Specialty:  Computer Science and Video Processing
Mobile number:  (+964) - 770 7971297
Academic Profile link:
Number of Publication with IF (ISI):
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