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Department of General Science (DGSC)

Department of General Science (DGSC) was established in 2010 belonging to College of Basic Education. The first group of students was joined the DGSC in the academic year of 2011-2012. The graduates of DGSC will provided with professional knowledge and science techniques, and prepared to be teachers in basic schools. The area of DGSC allows each student to design their academic program in the general and natural sciences. The DGSC students can work for other career interests as well. It is appropriate for different related careers of general and natural sciences (biology, geosciences, chemistry, mathematics and physics). The DGSC is particularly useful to students whose teach basic sciences program within the basic schools. The education language at the DGSC is English language. The graduation in DGSC takes 4 full-time academic years starting from September and ends with June.

Vision of DGSC

The DGSC attempt to prepare and graduate students with high quality of teaching capability and techniques that contribute to build new a generation of basic school students. The DGSC strive to develop professional graduates by taking intensive academic courses, laboratory working capacities and education trainings. We endeavor to build not only undergraduate teachers, but an academic staff on a postgraduate level as well.

Mission of DGSC

The DGSC provide graduates with basic knowledge in both theory and practice in general and natural sciences disciplines. The DGSC encourage the graduate students to develop themselves with varieties of skills and knowledges that needs for building capacities in the field of teaching like: lecturing, leading lab experiments, reports making and modern presentations. The undergraduates in the DGSC expected to be on a high-level of teaching capability in competition with institutions worldwide.

DGSC Office
Post:  Head of DGSC
Qualification: PhD
Academic Title:  Lecturer
Specialty:  Hydrogeology
Mobile number:  (+964) - 770 154 0252
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Number of Publication with IF (ISI): 10

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