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Department of Arabic Language (DARB)

The department of Arabic language belongs to college of education. A person who interested in learning Arabic language and its sciences can contact this department. This field prepares our new generation to fill the lessons which are related to Arabic language and its sciences in educational settings. At the same time, to prepare professionals filling the gaps in this field within or outside the formal settings. In 2006 this department was established, and the first group of students were welcomed in 2006-2007. Our plan, by taking benefit of people who are professionals and experts in this field, is to prepare qualified and skilful people in the main domains of language, literature, rhetoric, and teaching methods through providing an appropriate environment for our students, in order to serve our society. We enable our graduates obtain many job opportunity in the future. At the moment our department mostly focuses on conducting seminars and academic debates to develop this field in the academic places and educational settings, and also to introduce more new knowledge regarding this field of study because this field is an educational requirement in our society.

Vision and Mission of the DARB

Focusing on preparing academic professionals and proficient people in Arabic language and Arabic literature within the new education program. 
  1. Enhancing the level of development in the field of Arabic language and its sciences, moreover, to provide new knowledge and information for all the schools. 
  2. Constructing and forming a society that is associated with Arabic language and its sciences, with an effective use of the language and up to date type of usage. 

Department Objectives
  1. Focusing more on Arabic language and its sciences 
  2. Introducing the new generation to the language 
  3. Changing the traditional curriculum in schools to a system that focuses more on language. 

DARB Office

  Khalil Rasheed Ahmed
Post:  Head of Department of Arabic Language 
Qualification:  Ph.D. 
Academic Title:  Assistant Prof.
Mobile number:  (+964) - 770-237-9007
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