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Department of English Language (DENG)

Department of English, as a leading department of College of Education, was founded according to University of Sulaimani’s order number on 24th of July 2008. This department was founded due to Chamchamal district’s needs for English language teachers who can teach in both levels, intermediate and high school. Currently, there are 10 instructors in the department specializing in LITERATURE, LINGUISTICS, TESOL, and TRANSLATION. In addition, 225 students are studying English in the four different stages. This department accepts students who completed high school successfully from both branches of high school, literary and scientific branches.
During the four years of their study in English department, the students study subjects related to English language and literature. The main linguistic subjects are linguistics, phonetics and phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, grammar, composition and essay writing, vocabulary and comprehension, methodology, textbook analysis, research writing, language testing and so on. Moreover, in the field of literature they study history of English literature, poetry, novel, drama, short story, literary criticism in which the literary writings of different eras are included.
Side by side with the subjects mentioned above, other subjects such as Computer and IT, psychology, Kurdology, academic debate are also studied.
It is worth mentioning that in the past academic years four cohorts of alumni have graduated from English department and most of them currently are working as English language teachers in intermediate and preparatory schools.

Aim of DENG:
The aim of this department is preparing professional/talented teachers who are up to date with the latest knowledge and teaching methodology in their field of study. In addition, acquainting the students with the up to date technology and how to use it in serving the students/community that they are dealing with is also another aim that is considered valuable by the department.

The English Department, as a basic structure of college of Education at the University of Charmo, encourages students to build knowledge about methods of literary studies, Linguistics, TESOL, and English education. It also strengthens the education of students by developing a deep understanding of language and literature. The department offers an effective education to promote the students' abilities to teach successfully at secondary schools in Kurdistan. In addition, our graduates can also work as translators and interpreters in different offices and organisations.

Knowledge and a love of language and literature in our students' minds are what the department seeks to foster. We teach a variety of linguistic, literary, analytical, pedagogical, and theoretical skills. We teach students to listen, speak, read, and write effectively and how to transfer this knowledge via teaching to EFL learners. Besides, our teaching staff members do their best to encourage a love of learning and appreciation for education

DENG Office

Chalak Ali Mohammed Ameen
Post:  Head of Department of English Language 
Qualification: MA
Academic Title: Lecturer
Specialty: TESOL
Mobile number:  (+964) - 770 240 3768
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