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Department of Education and Psychology (DEPS)

Welcome to psychology at Charmo university. We are one of the largest psychology departments in Kurdistan region/Iraq with an outstanding teaching staff and 111 undergraduate students. By choosing psychology, you will have a chance to be taught under people who are experts in the field and passionate about the subject in a supportive environment. Our staff are always on hand to provide support and help.
The department of psychology was first established on (01/12/2006) in conjunction with the other 3 departments as a part of college of education/Chamchamal of Sulaimany university. Then on (05/11/2014) it became a part of Charmo university. Furthermore, since most of the academic staff were studying abroad, psychology department suspended the undergraduate program for two years (2012-2013) to (2013-2014). Later, the department opened the door for the applicants again in 2014. The departments has over 400 graduates since its first establishment. 

Objectives of DEPS 
  1. Our aim is to provide an outstanding learning experience for all students and we put much effort to achieve these goals: 
  2. preparing professional people in diverse speciality areas of psychology. 
  3. developing education system through preparing graduates who will be qualified and experienced to serve the education and learning process. Moreover, the department focuses on preparing graduates who will tirelessly tries to build healthy people in a peaceful environment. 
  4. to educate and prepare assistant psychologists who will be able to provide counselling and help for those who need it in educational and other settings.

Vision of DEPS
We believe psychology is one of the most important science for our community as we located in the heart of traumatised and victimised survivals of genocide. We believe we can create a better environment for the people by preparing qualified professionals in the field of psychology who can alleviate people from stress and depression.

Mission of DEPS
Psychology department strives to bring psychology into peoples' interest and demonstrate psychology's importance in our daily life. Our highly qualified teaching staff who have achieved their degrees in different countries around the world provides students with different perspectives in psychology. Furthermore, broadening the students ability and teaching them skills in psychology and research, helps producing new active generation to the society. Our physiology lab helps students understand better of the link between behaviour and brain. We encourage our students to do more research on the people who have experienced trauma and violence in Chamchamal city.

DARB Office

Waleed Khalid Abdulkarim
Post:  Head of Department of Education and Psychology
Qualification:  Ph.D.
Academic Title: Lecturer
Mobile number:  (+964) -7701313900
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