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Department of Kurdish Language (DKUR)

The department of Kurdish language was opened with the establishment of college of education of Chamchamal in 2006. It accepts graduates from high
school (scientific and literary). The first group of students graduated in (2008-2009). Our department has a very well-experienced teaching staff holding masters and PhDs degrees. They also hold tittles of lecturer and assistant professor. Every year, at the beginning of the academic year the department
identifies their mission in order to develop its scientific and intellectual level.
Moreover, at the same time it creates new committees and each of those committees has a great importance, which are; higher education, intellectual,
student interviewers, health and assurance committees...etc.
For the first time in the college of education's history, in November 2013 this department started its first postgraduate program (master degree) in Kurdish language and literature and at the beginning, two students were accepted to study master degree in linguistics, and in the second consecutive year, eight students were accepted and they did their master degree in literature.

The Department Offers Two Programs of Studying:
  1. Undergraduate program (Bachelor degree)
  2. Postgraduate program (masters degree)

Studying at the Department:
Most of the modules are theory based and some others are theoretical and practical modules.During the study at this department, in addition to the main professional modules; language science, phonetic and phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, language and literature theories, literary criticism, literary methods, ancient and modern literature, rhetoric...etc., students in the same time will take modules as; Persian, English and Arabic. The program, furthermore, includes some other educational and psychological modules such as; psychology, academic debate and computer science as well as some other modules in research methods. At the final year of studying, a graduation project in the area of speciality is required.

Mission and Objectives:
  1. Developing the mother tongue, academic writing skills and increasing the level of academic research which in turn becomes a principle for preparing students in a scientific way. 
  2. Preparing qualified, experienced and affective individuals and teachers, who have ability and enthusiasm about teaching, developing national culture, and serving the mother tongue and literature, which is Kurdish.
  3. Using diverse teaching methods that meet the needs of modern teaching properly.

Department's Advancement:
What differentiate the Kurdish department from any other department
is its caring about the development of student skills in getting more
experiences of language history and literature of the nation.
Geographical importance of the area as a centre to associate many of

DKUR Office

Mustafa Raza Mustafa
Post:  Head of Kurdish Department 
Qualification:  M.A 
Academic Title:  Asst. lecturer
Specialty:  Kurdish language/ Morphology and Syntax
Mobile number:  (+964) - 7701488271 & 07510556162
Number of Publication with IF (ISI): 3
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