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The Directorate of Dormitories (DDM)

Student Dormitories
This directorate is responsible for the planning; streamlining and implementation of policies belong to accommodation as agreed by the University of Charmo. The unit is administered by a University lecturers and a support staff.
Residential life is a vital part of Charmo University. We hope that our dormitories provide a sense of the distinctive experience you will have studying here. Most house students in share rooms, however we do offer house for a single student as well as. Most of the dormitories are single-sex. Each dormitory room comes equipped with fresh bedding, linen and other utilities.
Moving away from home to study at a university is an exciting time in a student’s life. There are new friends to be made, new places to discover and the chance to develop many new interests. Living in the university dormitories is great fun and ideal opportunity to make friends. In total, University of Charmo boasts 2 great dormitories, which are off-campus accommodation strategically located nearly 2 kilometers away from the main campus, and that can accommodate up to 500 students. This amount represents roughly 30% of all the students pursuing their first degrees at the University of Charmo.

(Female Dormitory)
It is the most intimate of all the dormitories. It has 4 blocks with 24 units, which consists of 48 share rooms. It was built nearly a decade ago, and houses female only. It is located a short walk from the central market of the city.
Address: Sulaymaniyah Kirkuk road, Chamchamal, 

(Male Dormitory)
It is the most close of all the dormitories with only 30 share rooms. It was recently built, and houses men only. It is located near the entrance of Chamchamal city 

Public Services
  • Public Shuttle bus service to the main campus and the city-central.
  • Easily access to the public transport route (buses and cabs)
  • Security service
  • 24 hours monitoring service
  • Parking space

DGR Office

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