The psychological trends towards sport exercise activity among charmo university students

posted Feb 18, 2018, 1:16 AM by Directorate of Information Technology

This study aims to identify the attitudes of practice charmo university students towards sports activities. The research included (100) students from charmo university the Kurdistan Region of Iraq for the academic year
 (2015 – 2016). The two researchers used (Kenyon) scale tool trends toward physical activity, the study must concluded that there were positive trends in general among students especially towards the practice of sports activity, while researchers reached to number of results, the most important one is the suggest to make a course about sports activity and fitness for all university students, that could be a response to the wide range of students interest toward this on the other hand, this will side. Contribute to developing trends towards health, sport, and practices direction among students.

الأتجاهات النفسية نحو ممارسة النشاط الرياضي لدى طلبة جامعة جه رموو

يهدف هذا البحث الى التعرف على اتجاهات طلبة جامعة جرموو نحو ممارسة الأنشطة الرياضية، وشملت الدراسة (100) طالب وطالبة من جامعة جه رموو في أقليم كوردستان العراق للعام الدراسي (2015 ــ 2016)، وقد أستخدم الباحثان مقياس كينون للاتجاهات نحو النشاط البدني كأداة للبحث, وقد خلصت الدراسة إلى وجود اتجاهات إيجابية بصفة عامة لدى طلبة جامعة جرموو وخاصة نحو ممارسة النشاط الرياضي، في حين توصل الباحثان الى عدد من النتائج أهمها هو طرح مقرر يتعلق بالنشاط الرياضي واللياقة البدنية لجميع طلبة الجامعة وذلك استجابة لاهتمام القاعدة الطلابية العريضة بهذا الجانب من ناحية وكذلك لما قد يسهم به من تطوير اتجاهات وممارسات صحية ورياضية بين صفوف الطلبة من ناحية أخرى .


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World Antibiotic Awareness Week/ Awareness Campaign For Tackling Antibiotic Resistance In Kurdistan Region

posted Nov 26, 2017, 12:04 AM by Directorate of Information Technology

A  Seminar has presented by (Dr. Karzan.R Sidiq) a lecturer at  general sciences department, He focused on the importance of antibiotics for human health and how they can be used correctly. In addition he mentioned the issue of antibiotic resistance in kurdistan region and around the world. He also should those advises that  have been re commented  by world health organisation for tackling antibiotic resistance globally. 

Development and Internationalisation of the Higher Education of Kurdistan Institutions (TIGRIS Project)

posted Nov 20, 2017, 11:12 PM by Shwan Kamal Rachid

On November 9 and 10, 2017, a Kick-Off Meeting was held in Germany at Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, the Coordinator of the TIGRIS Project. The kick-off meeting was specialised for the Consortium partners of the Erasmus+ Capacity Builing in Higher Education EU-funded project "TIGRIS" (Transfer of Good Practices & Reinforcement of Internationalization Strategies in Kurdistan). The project has been funded within the framework of the EU Erasmus+ Capacity Building program in Higher Education and aims at the further development and internationalization of the higher education sector. The EU will support it over the next 3 years (from 2017-2020) with 956,000,00 €.

In addition to the participation of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MHESR) and Kurdistan Institution for Strategic Studies and Scientific Research (KISSR), a delegation from 8 partners Universities in Kurdistan region were participated in this meeting. These partners were (Charmo University, Duhok Ploy-technic University, Erbil Poly-technic University, Salahadin University University of Sulaimani, Sulaimani Poly-technic University, University of Raparin, and Halabja University). Each partner was actively involved in the implementation of all project activities, the dissemination of the project results, and adherence to the overall project objectives.

Our University delegation included Prof. Dr. Salah Raza Saeed, the president of ChU and Prof. Dr. Shwan Kamal Rachid, Vice President for Scientific affair at ChU. At the first day of the meeting, Dr Shwan has presented a short introduction about Charmo University. He explained the role of our University in showing the full capacity to implement this project and cooperate with other national and international partners to introduce new study programs, joint courses, hold workshops, and conduct training sessions. Capacity-building projects in the field of higher education support the modernisation, accessibility and internationalisation of higher education in Kurdisatn region. We acknowledge the role of Ministry of Higher Education and KISSR, especially Dr. Pola Khanaqa for their direct contribution and coordinating the TIGRIS project in Kurdistan.  


TIGRIS Project

TIGRIS (Transfer of Good practices & Reinforcement of Internationalisation Strategies in Kurdistan)

The TIGRIS Project has been awarded for EU co-funding within the framework of the Erasmus+ programme “Capacity Building in the Field of Higher Education”. Capacity building projects in the field of higher education support the modernisation, accessibility, and internationalisation of higher education in Partner Countries, in this case Kurdistan.In light of this, the following objectives have been determined for the TIGRIS Project, which the partners will seek to address throughout the project’s lifespan and within the activities undertaken:

 1- Improve the quality of Higher Education in Kurdistan;

 2- Develop new and innovative education programmes;

3- Modernise the Higher Education system in Kurdistan through policy reform;

4- Create and implement national legislation which will facilitate the accreditation of joint and double degrees, the recognition of studies abroad, and the ECTS;

 5- Foster cooperation across different regions of the world via joint initiatives and collaborative action;

 6- Strengthen management structures and services geared towards international relations;

 7- Develop advanced strategic polices regarding the internationalisation of education, collaborative research, academic mobility, and international student services within Kurdistan which will bring Kurdish HEIs closer to their European counterparts;

8- Transfer best practices and disseminate knowledge so as to understand how to cooperate within the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) and European Research Area (ERA).

Step by step guidance on application for Fulbright Visiting Scholar program

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The Scientific Research Center at Charmo University is going to conduct one day Workshop on step by step guidance for Fulbright Visiting Scholar program on Sunday November 5, 2017.

Fulbright visiting Scholar is a prestigious program sponsored by the U.S. Department of State for full-time Iraqi university faculty members. The participants from this program are going to spend ten weeks at specified U.S. universities. Within this time, they will get introduced to the different teaching methodologies, attend several professional development training programs, as well as introduce to new research methodologies.

This aim of this workshop is to introduce Charmo University faculty members to the program, requirements of this program, and benefit from participate the program.  In addition to that, participants will be guided step by step how submit their application.  

Instructor: Dr. Dana Khdr Sabir

Organizer: Dr. Shelanha M. Salih

Data: Sunday November 5, 2017

Time: 12:30 PM

Location: Charmo University/ presidency hall

Requirement: Please bring your own computer

For Registration:  Click Here

Workshop Photo: Click Here

A member of Charmo University participates in the Fulbright Visiting Scholar-2017

posted Jul 16, 2017, 2:17 PM by Shwan Kamal Rachid

This year, Dr. Dana Khdr Sabir, a lecturer in the Department of General Sciences at Charmo University is selected to participate in the Fulbright Visiting Scholar-2017 for Iraqi scholars alongside with seven other scholars in the Kurdistan region of Iraq. The program carries out during the period June 30, 2017 to September 08, 2017, and the scholar is located at the University of Central Oklahoma in Edmond City in the U.S. This program is part of the international educational exchange programs sponsored by the U.S. Department of State. During the period of staying in the .US, the scholar carry out research project, participates in classes, attending various seminars and workshops. The goal of the program is to build higher education capacity in Iraq via training and introducing the scholar to the new teaching and research methodology. In addition, this program aims to develop long-term collaboration between scholar’s host university and U.S academics. Furthermore, scholar will be introduced to the U.S’s culture and history through visits, field trips to many cultural sites /cultural events.

Microstructural controls on reservoir quality in tight oil carbonate reservoir rocks

posted Jul 2, 2017, 1:28 PM by Shwan Kamal Rachid   [ updated Jul 2, 2017, 1:29 PM ]

A research article entitled “Microstructural controls on reservoir quality in tight oil carbonate reservoir rocks “is published recently by the PhD holder in petroleum reservoir engineering, Dr.Fraidoon Rashid from Charmo University. This scientific study is focused on reservoir engineering behaviours of one of the Kurdistan oil fields’ reservoir rock in order to understand the reservoir quality and productivity throughout several oil fields in Kirkuk, Erbil and Sulaimani cities. The published research work identified geological and mechanical factors that governed petrophysical properties and fluid flow of the selected intervals, the studied data were obtained from Kirkuk, Khabaz, Bai Hassan, Jambur, Taq Taq, Barda Rash and Miran fields. This work considers as an effective attempt to encourage the development and production processes of the Kurdistan oil and gas fields.   

A delegation from Charmo University visits Iran

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Following the MOU recently signed by Charmo University and IASBS, Professor Shwan Rachid, vice president of scientific affairs and Professor Baram Ahmed, vice president in administration and finance of Charmo University visited IASBS in July 1-2, 2017. In this visit, they had meetings with president, vice presidents, founder and some faculty members of IASBS. In this meetings both sides agreed to have amechanism for assisting in referring master and PHD students to complete their education in Sinna/ Iran. Morover it was discussed about the possibility of decreasing study fees and transportation. Also, lecturers and researchers were invited to participate in the second international conference (ICNS- 2017) wich will be conducted on the (5-6th) of May. After the meeting in Zanjan city a visit was paid with Prof(Dr. Souboti) (University founder) to the scientific departments of that university which is linked to higher education, in which an agreement was conducted to assist our university to accept our students in various departments for creating an advanced teachers in the future.

شاندێکی زانکۆی چەرموو سەردانی ئێران دەکات 
شاندی زانکۆی چەرمووکە پێکهاتبوو لە بەرێزان ( پ.د.شوان کەمال و پ.ی.د.بارام احمد) سەردانی وڵاتی ئێرانیان کرد لە ٢٩-٥-٢٠١٧ تا ٣-٦-٢٠١٧ لەسەر بانگهێشتی هەردوو زانکۆی کوردستان لە شاری سنە و زانکۆی تەواوکاری خوێندنی باڵا(IASBS.ac.ir ) لە شاری زنجان کە تیایدا بەرێز پ.د.شوان کەمال سیمینارێکی بە زمانی ئینگلیزی پێشکەش كرد بەناونيشانی ((Natural products in drug and cancer therapeutics لە کۆلێژی زانستی زانکۆی کوردستان لە سنە ، و پاشان کۆبوونەوەیەک ئەنجامدرا لە نێوان یاریدەددەرانی سەرۆکی زانکۆی کوردستان و راگری کۆلیجی زانست ولێپسراوی پەیوەندییە نێودەوڵەتیەکانی زانکۆ و شاندی زانکۆی چەرموو کە تیایدا میکانیزمێک بۆ هاوکاریکردن لە بارەی ناردنی خوێندکارانی ماستەر و دکتۆرا بۆ تەواوکردنی خوێندنەکانیان لە شاری سنە و کارئاسانی دارایی و هاتووچۆ گفتگۆی تەواوی لە بارەوەکرا و هەروەها باس لە هاتن و بەشداری مامۆستا و توێژەرانی ئەو زانکۆیە کرا لە کۆنفرانسی نێودەوڵەتی ICNS-2017 کە لە رۆژانی 5-6 تەموزی ئەمساڵ بۆ ساڵی دووەم ئەنجام دەدرێت. لە شاری زنجانیش کۆبوونەوە لەگەل دامەزرێنەری زانکۆکە بە ڕێز (پ.د.سوبوتی )دواترلەگەڵ (پرۆفیسۆر د.بابەک کەریمی) سەرۆکی زانکۆی زنجان کۆبونەوەو سەردانی بەشە زانستیە جیاجیاکانی ئەو زانکۆیە کرا کە تەنها خوێندنی باڵا تیایدا دەخوێنرێت لە کۆبونەوەکە جەخت کرایەوە لەسەر چۆنیەتی وەرگرتنی چەندین خوێندکاری دکتۆرا لە بوارە جیاجیاکان لە زنکۆی زنجان وتا ببنە نەواتێک بۆ زانکۆی چەرموو بۆ پێگەیاندنی کادێری شارەزا لەو بوارانەی کە مامۆستای تێدا کەمە یان نیە وە هەروەها بۆپتەوکردنی پەیوەندی ئەکادیمی لە نێوان هەردوو زانکۆکەدا.

A kurdish director (Kay Bahar) has presented an amazing movie to charmo university students

posted May 22, 2017, 1:20 AM by Directorate of Information Technology

We would like to take this opportunity to thank (MR.KAY BAHAR ) for the great work that presented at our university. Their work was a true reflection of what is going on with our Peshmerga forces at the forefront of fighting against the terrorist organization of the so-called Islamic State (ISIS). We see it is crucial for such a work this to be produced and documented so that our future generation know and appreciate how and who achieved the freedom that has been accomplished.
At the end, the students were very grateful and a mused about the work of the Kurdish director and how he was able to deliver the reality of our nation to the whole word through his movie.

A Common Committee between MHE, KRG and Jordan MHE has been formed to implement the education agreement

posted May 13, 2017, 11:53 PM by Araz Ibrahim Mstafa   [ updated May 13, 2017, 11:55 PM ]

Dr. Yusuf Goran, minister of MHE, KRG met with Mr. Heitham Al-ful, consulate of Jordan in KRG and discussed the academic and scientific relations between KRG and Jordan. The discussion mainly focused on establishing mechanisms for implementing the collaboration agreement signed between both MHE in KRG and MHE in Jordan last year.
In the meeting, held today, Tuesday ( 9/5/2017) attended by the minister of the MHE, KRG and Dr. Edris Hadi, the former minister of MHE, KRG, Dr. Amanj Saeed, advisor to MHE,KRG,Dr. jwan Jalal Sharif, director general at Delegates and Cultural relation office, Dr.Yusuf Goran, the minister of MHE,KRG started briefly, addressing the meeting with stating the results of his visit to Jordan and his meetings with the minister of MHE of Jordan and the Jordanian universities. "Which is important to us is to form the mechanisms to implement the signed agreement between us, and for this purpose, I would suggest to form a high common committee so as to outline the required mechanism to put in action the points of the agreement and to form the policy outlines of the academic and scientific relations between both parties. Interpreting the agreement into action will path the way to develop our bilateral academic and scientific relations more, especially, in the areas of scientific staff exchange, sending students and recognition of both party's universities. " Dr. Yusuf Goran, the minister of MHE,KRG stated.
In another part of the meeting, the Jordanian consulate in KRG expressed his pleasure for the visit of the minister of MHE o KRG to Jordan the bilateral relation between KRG and the kingdom of Jordan and described it as important. In regard to founding mechanisms to implement the agreement, the consulate emphasized on the suggestions of KRG minister of MHE and the implementation of the agreement to be effective as soon as possible, especially, what is related to the recognition of the universities.
The meeting also embraced discussions about certain common issues by both parties.

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