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A delegation from Charmo University participated in a National Chemical & Biological Security Conference

posted May 1, 2016, 12:55 AM by Charmo University   [ updated Jun 2, 2016, 12:59 AM by Shwan Kamal Rachid ]
Mr. Kochar Idris Mohamad, the head of the Health & Safety Directorate of Charmo university, as a representative of Charmo University with a delegation from Kurdistan, participated in a scientific conference which hold on 16-17th of April 2016 under the title of The First National Chemical & Biological Security Coordination Conference in Baghdad. The Kurdistan Region delegation that comprised of thirteen directors of Health & Safety Directorates of (KRG) universities participated in the conference. The most significant objectives of the conference were:
  1. Building coordination among those who are directly connected to chemical and biological materials in all public institutions. 
  2. Raising awareness about the hazard and threats which made by terrorists. 
  3. Suggestions & instructions were discussed to pass some important laws concerning chemical & biological security. 
  4. Pointing out the weak points at universities, public institutions and private sectors in terms of usage, the procedure of protecting and getting rid of the chemical & biological materials. 
  5. Creating an important administrative and collaborative structure, and collaborating to control chemical & biological security in terms of administration and the power of using those materials. 
At the end of the conference, instructions & suggestions were raised to related parties. Also, it has been assured that more attention will be paid to this subject and to have more collaboration with partner’s in addition to conducting further conferences regarding this issue in order to provide serious protection and increase the chemical and biological security.