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A new publication entitled: Politicization of Kurdish Security in Iraq Since 2003

posted Apr 13, 2016, 2:01 PM by Charmo University
By the Assistant lecturer, Mr Hawre Hasan Hama at Charmo University (Published online before print April 7, 2016, doi: 10.1177/0973598416639414 in Jadavpur Journal of International Relations).
This article focuses on Kurdish security question in Iraq from 2003 to the present. Its central argument is that the security of the Kurdish region of Iraq has only constitutionally de-securitised since 2003. However, the Kurdish security demands in Iraq have been politicized by the different Iraqi governments since 2005, and therefore, security relations between the Iraqi state and the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) have been fraught with distrust, tensions, and chaos since that time. The concepts derived from the Copenhagen School (CS) provide the framework for discussing security relations and the inherent security struggles between the Iraqi state and the KRG.