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British Council's Workshop in Erbil

posted Mar 28, 2016, 2:19 PM by Charmo University   [ updated Mar 28, 2016, 2:21 PM ]
A bunch of English language teachers from Charmo University participated/attended a workshop entitled (Motivating Learners in English Lessons).
This workshop was carried out/fundedby British Council, the UK's Organisation for educational and cultural exchange. It was carried out in Erbil in two sessions, the first session was done on 6-10 th March and the second session was on March 13-17th. 39 participants have joined the work shop from different Iraqi Universities in which six of them were from Charmo University. The participants from Charmo University were as follows:
  1. Chalak Ali Mohammed Ameen 
  2. Haydar Nasih Mohammed 
  3. Areen Mohammed Ahmed 
  4. Atta Omar Saleh 
  5. Yadgar Fayeq Saeed 
  6. Kawa Mirza Saleh.
The aim of this workshop was to enhance the ability of Iraqi university English language teachers in teaching English and expose them to the most up to date methods and techniques in the English lessons and making learning English fun and enjoyable. In addition, bringing the high quality English materials to the learners of English in Iraq was another major aim of the workshop. The workshop focused on centralism of learners in the lessons and making them involved/engaged in the activities rather than being quiet listeners in the classes.
It is worth noting that the workshop was taught by the international teacher trainer Christopher Graham(the international teacher trainer who trained English language teachers in many countries). Christopher Graham attempted hard to train the teachers well and enhance their abilities. It was done through clarifying and exposing the methodological techniques and implementing them practically in the class by him and/or the participants.