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The sixth annual scientific conference of college of administration and political science at Charmo University

posted Apr 20, 2016, 8:26 AM by Charmo University   [ updated Apr 26, 2016, 11:59 PM ]
In 17-18/4/2016 the college of administration and political sciences of Charmo University conducted its sixth annual scientific conference under the title of Forming The Regions in Iraq and the consequence of Kurdistan federal region. The aim of the conference was emerging a scientific image of the factors hindering the formation of other region (except Kurdistan region)in federal Iraq, and pointing out the possible resolution of Kurdistan region in the future. 
The first day of the conference at Anfal monument in Chamchamal by the presence of the minister of higher education and scientific research, the head of Charmo University, a significant number of representatives, staff and students, forming a panel by Doctor Yousif Goran. The Minster of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr. Husin Al Zumadi as representative of Dr. Ayad AlSamaraiee former Prime-minister of Iraqi Parliament,The Judge Wael Abdul-Latif, former member of Iraqi Parliament, Dr. Zana Rawuf professor in school of Human Development, Dhyaa Kahya the head of Turkmen Parti and Dr. Hakim Khasraw professor at Salahadin University.
The second day of the conference at The Rectorship Hall of Conferences of Charmo University by the presence of his excellency the Rector Dr. Salah Raza Saeed that consisted of two sessions.In each session relevant research findings, theses and different opinions were discussed concerning the factors behind the not formation of other regions in federal Iraq, and the consequence of Kurdistan region were discussed in an academic method.
At the end of the conference his Excellency The Dean of College of Administration and Political Sciences Dr. OmedRafiq Fatah concluded the conference and appreciated the efforts of all those who participated in the success of the conference. The most significant recommendation that were suggested at the end of the conference were
  • Struggling for strengthening the principles of federalism and democracy in Iraq 
  • Supporting the efforts for forming other regions in Iraq 
  • Establishment of the political institutions that enforce federalism in Iraq especially Council of 
  • Federalism as a secondary part of theparliament
  • Activating the existing elected institutions such as the Parliament and governorates council. 
  • Facilitating the enforcement of confedralism system at the level of governorates in Iraq as an initiative for formation of other region in the future. 
  • Emphasizing on political awareness on federalism, confederalism and democracy in Iraq.