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We Must Not Forget

posted Mar 16, 2017, 3:07 PM by Shwan Kamal Rachid

We must not forget is what Mrs. Sherri Talabany the president and executive director of the Kurdistan- based Seed foundation stated during her visit with Mrs.Tanya Gilly- Khailany the Vice-president and co-founder of the SEED foundation to Charmo University and met with Dr. Sala Raza Saeed, President and Dr. Shwan Kamal Rachid, Vice President of Charmo university. One of the main reasons behind their visit was to talk about psychology education, since it is known to everyone the horrors and the tragedies of this place and recognizing the mental health needs that exist there today. The victims of Anfal in Kurdistan have never really had the opportunity to receive psychological and other psychosocial services and the needs are great, therefore, Seed foundation is investing in building the skills of future psychologists and service providers to the region. Finally, Mrs. Sherri indicated that it is not possible to visit Chamchamal capital of Anfal and Martyrs without stopover to the Anfal Museum and Monument. 

(From http://www.seedkurdistan.org/we-must-not-forget/)