The university of Veronich , Russia and Charmo university signed an MoU

On the 7th-Nov-2018, a delegation from Veronich university headed by Dr. Rodionov, the vice-president for foreign relations affairs and simultaneously the president of the international education Institute which belongs to Veronich university, visited charmo university. Dr. Salah Raza Saeed, charmo university president, received them warmly. In a meeting, attended by charmo university council members and the delegation, scientific cooperation was discussed between both sides. Additionally, the exchange of undergraduate, Master, and PhD. Students was shed-light on . Furthermore, the delegation officially invited Charmo University to visit Russian Federation to do more collaborative and scientific work with the professors of Veronich University.
On the same day, the delegation visited the scientific labs of Charmo University, the genocide center and the Anfal Monoment in Chamchamal. It is worth mentioning that the delegation visit came following an official visit to the ministry of higher education for scientific research (MHE) and they cordially chose charmo university to become familiar with.