A delegation from Charmo University Participated in NUR workshop

On Tuesday, Jan. 29th, 2019, a delegation from Charmo University participated in the first NUR workshop for the year 2019 at MHE building, Conference Hall. The delegation was comprised of Dr. Ali Wahab, Vice-president for scientific affairs and Higher Education, Miss. Lajan Muhammed Ameen, the director of Quality Assurance of Charmo University, and Mr. Kochar Edrees Mahmood , the member of Charmo University NUR committee.

In the workshop, the following was discussed:
1. Review the criteria guidelines
2. Re-allocating the remaining 3 points of the "Learning outcomes" that removed from NUR criteria.
3. Restructuring some Ranking sheet items.
4. Discussing major concerns of Universities.
5. Discussing the issues of Universities Scientific Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences.