Representative of Charmo University has participated in the CBRN Conference

On 14th April 2019 assistant professor Dr. Baram Ahmed Hama Ameen who is the vice-president of Charmo University, on behalf of the university participated in the 4th International Conference of chemicals, biological, radioactive and nuclear safety and security (known as CBRN safety and security), which was arranged by Babylon University with the support of the department state of USAand (CHBS,CHS and CRDF global organization) in Baghdad. In the conference the representative of Charmo University Dr. Baram took part with a research paper is shown in a poster (on how to use Software and Computer Programs in the application of safety and security inside the university’s lab. During the conference the representative of Charmo University met Dr. Fuad who is a Kurd and the representative of the ministry of higher education in Iraq. Following that he met Nart Kalimat, the the representative of (CRDF global). He promised to support Charmo University in the field of Health and Safety.