Charmo University participates in a workshop on Tertiary Education in Iraq

The director of quality assurance of Charmo University, (Lajan Mohammd Amin) is now participating in the three day-workshop entitled (Tertiary Education in Iraq) in Salahaddin University, Erbil, which has been organized and running by the World Bank in collaboration with Higher Education in Iraq as well as the Ministry of Higher Education and scientific research in Kurdistan Region. The workshop lasts three days (April, 23rd, 24th, 25th, 2019).
The workshop, on tertiary education in Iraq will present an opportunity to engage in an in-depth discussion of recent trends in the sector.
The discussions will also feature best practices within the scope of tertiary education both regionally and globally. Moreover, the workshop will provide the opportunity to identify pressing issues and national priorities within the sector.
The discussions during the three-day workshop will be set within the framework of financing of tertiary education, quality assurance, vision of the sector, equitable access and retention, internationalization, governance, and relevance of the sector for economic and social development (employability). Some of the trends that are going to be presented in the workshop, include aligning international standards and accreditation, governance within Higher Education Institutions, rankings and quality assurance, strategic planning, resource allocation and utilization, and education management information systems. Additionally, examples of good practices will be presented from Iraq (on CDCs), Tunisia (on financing), Palestine, and South Africa (Centers of Excellence).