Important Announcement: Huawei opens the annual ICT competition

Every year Huawei opens the annual ICT competition to give willing participants the chance of receiving certificates in the fields of computer science. This competition is an international one which has 140 different countries participating around the world. Every student may participate at will. Participants will complete three exams, two of which will be completed online in Iraq and the finals in China. The three exams are as follow:

1- First exam will be done on Charmo University’s campus. When passed or sufficient marks are earned, the participant will proceed to the next exam.

2- Second exam will filter out the top 3 participants who earned the highest grade on the exam and will send them to Shenzhen, China as representatives of the country of Iraq to further participate in a competition against other countries in the middle east.

3- Third exam will be conducted in Shenzhen, China and will determine which top 3 middle-eastern counties will proceed to compete in the international competition with all the other countries.

All amenities will be provided free of charge for all participating teams by Huawei. The winner of the competition will receive many prizes, of which; $30,000, an international ICT certificate, post-graduation job opportunities at Huawei and many more.

The exams will begin on 2/10/2019 and 3/10/2019 on Charmo University’s main campus. All willing participants must first signup online and use their Username and Password (provided to them via email) to enter the exams. Exam material include (HCIA 2.5, HCIA Security, HCIA WLAN V.2.0, and HCIA CLOUD).

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