List of NEWS

Charmo University Has Signed An Agreement Of Mutual Understanding With an Iranian University - IASBS in Zanjan


The supervision of president of Znjan University came to sign an agreement of mutual understanding with Chramo University Read More

Ibrahim Hamad; a lecturer from Charmo University; has been Published his paper on Springer Nature (Scientific Reports Top 100 2017)


His research considered as the best Scientific Reports, was published in “Nature Springer Nature” Read More

Vice president of Charmo University, Dr. Baram Ahmed, was invited to be a member of a PhD discussion at IASBS University


Vice President of Charmo University was invited to be a member of a PhD discussion at IASBS University in Zanjan-Iran on 9th may 2018... Read More

Charmo University was honored to receive a token of appreciation from the relatives of the victims and martyrs of Anfal Genocide Campaign


The anniversary of the vicious Anfal Genocide Campaign that took place in the villages near the flanks of Khalkhalan on the 4th of May, 2018... Read More

the ICNS2018-Biotechnology has just started


The opening session of the ICNS2018-Biotechnology has just started. The session will be closed at 7:30PM. Read More

Charmo University has held a seminar for Terry Porslid


Terry Porslid shed light on differents cases of Ezidi women and she is Specislist Psychology and Trauma Rehabilitation… Read More

AUIS professor participate the third International Conference of Natural Sciences (ICNS-2018) as a keynote


AUIS professor Rimantas Kodzius to present at biotechnology conference Read More

The role of media in defining Anfal genocide


Two critical panels for anniversary of 30 years of Anfal process Read More