• Registration

    The admissions policy of University reflects the regulations of the Kurdistan Regional Government Ministry of Higher Education.

  • IT Service

    This department will guide to all services provided by the Department Quality Assurance. The Duties include creating university email and etc.

  • Library

    The Library is allowing the university community to use its collection on-site.The near future plan is to allow people outside the university to access the Library collection.

  • Foundation Program

    Among the central features of the Bologna reform is a redefinition of the curricula, a student centered learning, learning outcomes, and the development of competencies.

President Message

Assistant Prof. Dr. Hallat Rashid Abdullah

Welcome to Charmo University, one of the public universities in Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Charmo University is founded in Chamchamal town. This university is named Charmo as Charmo is the name of one of the most ancient agricultural villages in the world which lies 11 kilometers to the east of Chamchamal town. Even though it is relatively a new university, but it has developed thoroughly in terms of science and scientific advancements. It aims to develop the area economically and socially and meet people’s high expectations about the role of university. It also aims to make the area the pioneer of a new economic revolution to develop the Kurdish society in general, and Chamchamal town and its suburbs in particular; similar to Charmo village role in the past that was the pioneer of invention and agricultural revolution. , ...

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