Mission and Vision

Mission of Charmo University - (WHO WE ARE)

  1. Recruiting the best and most diverse professors, faculties, and University administration staffs
  2. Setting the highest quality and inspirational learning standards for our undergraduate and postgraduate education, and creating friendly and vibrant teaching environment for the greater wellbeing of our students and deliver an outstanding educational portfolio focused on deep disciplinary knowledge.
  3. Provide personal advising for the students and affording them to and interaction with their University and teaching staff
  4. Enroll students who have demonstrated their commitment to learning and being part of a diverse and vibrant campus as well as supportive relationships among students
  5. Enable the quality assurance to assists in systematically planning the University's future, and in developing and overseeing a series of evaluation and feedback to enhance the effectiveness of the University programs and services.
  6. Foster a concern for transparent opportunities to ensure continuous learning for the University academic and faculties.
  7. Development of responsible leaders committed to the common good.

Vision of Charmo University - (WHERE WE WANT TO BE)

We seek to let the University of Charmo to be recognized for leading centre of academic excellence. We have the talent, perspective, and confidence to make the Charmo University to be truly public University benefiting society via innovation in education, research, and creativity. Our ambition is to place students at the center of educational process and provide the society talented and ambitious young generations of highly employable with highest knowledge, highest personal, and professional standards. We always focus to establish partnership with global educational institutions, and industries across the world and let our University to have a real impact in the world around us .