VPA Office

Vice President Office for Administration and finance (VPA)

Welcome to the Office of the Vice President for Finance and Administration, (VPA) runs university administration and finance. Our goal is to strengthen and align central administrative and financial functions with the University's core mission of teaching, research and service. VPA Supervise several bureaus that have important roles in the university such as following:

  • Budget & Resource Planning and controller office: manage financial operations and provide business support services, we try also promoting partnerships with communities.
  • Business Affairs like Purchasing and Contracting.
  • Campus Operations and development and facilitate planning for the future of the campus and manage construction.
  • Campus Planning, Design and Construction with Engineer Bureau.
  • Human Resources administration (personals, files, .. etc.)
  • Transportation office ( arranging of internal and external transportation).
  • Technical and Art Office ( repairing and putting in order all devices and generators).
  • Student Housing and installation ( hosting and gusting our lucky students and giving them a high quality services).

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  • Name:Dr. Ayub Khasro Nadir
  • Email:ayub.khasro@charmouniversity.org
  • Mobile number: (+964) -

    VPA Office:
  • Email:vpa.office@charmouniversity.org
  • Mobile number: (+964) (0) 53 8973354